June, 2019 Update

Summer is finally here! Some landscape photographers are not keen in photographing summer landscapes, but i do. Summer brings memories of fun, vacation, enjoyment, relaxation and companionship. Growing up, summer time was a time of exploration for me, living in the small town of Neos Skopos, Serres, Greece. I recall walking outside after 11 pm, going to the outskirts of my town, where it was dark enough to see millions of stars, and of course, the Milky Way! In a personal level, memories like this make night photography so rewarding.

Last Monday, on June 17th, 2019, my Fuji X-T1 camera (along with some other items, shopping my wife and I did shortly before) was stolen after someone breaking into our car. I feel fortunate enough to be able to order a replacement, the Fuji X-E1. Although it is an older model, it was something i can afford, for $169 at mpb.com. I was lucky to not have any of my favorite lenses stolen. The lens that was attached on my camera was my 7artisans 25mm f1.8, which was the cheapest lens in my collection.

I took the X-E1 out on a quick test, to my favorite spot out in Winona, AZ, overlooking train tracks with the San Francisco Peaks in the background. After processing the image I was very pleased with the results! You can see that image here

I hope you have a great month! I am looking forward in adding another post soon! Until next time, cheers!

Late spring update

I hope this post finds everyone well! As we are approaching the end of May 2019, we are still having snowy weather here in Flagstaff, AZ, USA. This unusual weather pattern has presented us with some very cool conditions for photography! However, i wish i had more motivation to go out and capture some photos. Nevertheless, the moon phase is reducing the moon this week, making skies darker and ideal for milky way astrophotography! I recently purchased a ROkinon 12mm f2.0, which is a proven astrophotography lens. Cannot wait to go out and try it!

Meanwhile, i added a rainbow photo in my gallery here . This photo was taken on I-17, taking the Access Rd, before Camp Verde. This is the fattest rainbow i have ever seen! Captured on the Fuji X-T1 and the 55-200mm XF at f5.6.

Until next time!

Website Status Update

Greetings! i have been working on getting some new and exciting updates to my website in the last couple of days. Building a website so far has been a very positive experience and despite the steep learning curve it has been rewarding!

Thanks to the help of another fellow amateur landscape photographer, Chris Sale, you are able to browse through the photos more seamlessly, as “previous” and “next” buttons have been added. Check it out here!

Also, after painstakingly going around in circles for about 4 days, i am proud to announce today that https://babaletskos.com is now a secure site with 256-bit SSL encryption, which is a precursor to a near-future online store for selling prints!

Again, I am so glad you are here!

Welcome To My Page!

Welcome to my website! My name is Bobby Babaletskos, I am an amateur landscape photographer that simply loves the craft of taking photos. I have created this website to further showcase my work to the public, apart from my Instagram account.

So, stick around and feel free to browse around the website! Check out some of my work here.